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La Princesa Paca

La Princesa Paca

 Costume Designer

 TV Movie · 2015

Directed by Joaquín Llamas

Cast: Irene Escolar, Daniel Holguín, Luisa Martín

Produced by La Cometa TV for RTVE

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Based in the hononimus book, Princess Paca tells the story of Francisca Sánchez del Pozo, ‘Paca’, and the Prince of Letters, the Nicaraguan Rubén Darío. In 1956, Francisca Sánchez, married to José Villacastín, and already in the twilight of her life, received a visit from two writers, Antonio Oliver and Carmen Conde, in her native Navalsaúz. The couple tries to convince her to donate the contents of the trunk where she keeps Rubén Darío’s memories to the State. Only then can relevant aspects of the writer’s life be known in depth. Paca initially refuses, but the visit from the two writers reminds him of his youth.

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